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Promipro was incorporated in Aug 2013, Commenced ERP practice in Aug 2013 with Business Alliances with Microsoft for ERP, Document Management & Business Intelligence Solutions. Promipro is a fast growing business solutions & consulting organization involved in end-to-end strategic and tactical services through alliances with knowledge and transaction processing organizations, we offer our clients end-to-end solutions through a core team of people with rich experience in providing solutions on operational, organizational and technology issues across major mid market sectors and primary functional areas.

Promipro provides business solutions & consulting as a true alternative to in-house resources & enable business processes through use of best practice technology implementations, owing to our high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, and confidentiality. When working with Promipro, you are assured of a professional, less risky and less expensive way for business solutions for both conventional and non-conventional business processes than working completely in-house with your own people.

Promipro, with its industry knowledge as well as in-depth expertise in priority areas for today’s business leaders in ever evolving business environments and the challenges they face to tackle the growth & management issues coupled with a well-defined engagement model, is able to maintain financial balance, creating a high value-add for its services, and delivering an even higher value to you. Diverse industry experience in Retail, Discreet Manufacturing, Consumer Product Manufacturing, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Heavy Industries, Fashion & Textile With Promipro, you are a step ahead... always

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the planning of how business resources (materials, employees, customers etc.) are acquired and moved from one state to another. An ERP system is a business support system that maintains in a single database the data needed for a variety of business functions such as Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, Projects, Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management.

An ERP system is based on a common database and a modular software design. The common database can allow every department of a business to store and retrieve information in real-time. The information should be reliable, accessible, and easily shared. The modular software design should mean a business can select the modules they need, mix and match modules from different vendors, and add new modules of their own to improve business performance. Ideally, the data for the various business functions are integrated. In practice the ERP system may comprise a set of discrete applications, each maintaining a discrete data store within one physical database.

Promipro feels ERP is a solution framework for Interlinking Modeling and Centralizing of Information generated during various business activities performed to achieve a business objectives or business goal. It’s a tool to integrate Material and Money Movement and when it moves to one state to another.

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  • Engagement Model

    Engagement Model

    At Promipro we practice a structured approach for client engagement, which is geared towards optimizing the engagement period, simultaneously ensuring complete requirements' mapping, leading to end-to-end solution offering. During the progression, we-

    Understand the client requirements- So that we know who the client is and what is the requirement for the job in hand, identify critical success factors and get an overview of the systems and process on an as-is ~ to-be basis through our assessment study.

    Develop a strategy for the client- So that we can create a higher value for the client and receive a higher value in return. This is achieved by defining business process issues, formulating strategies, assessing gaps, defining business process governance strategies, defining change management plans and developing action plans for going forward.

    Devise apropos solution- Which is the optimal solution for the client so that it can take advantage of the opportunities which will be available by virtue of the solution offering. Carry Financial modeling- Look at areas like feasibility, set-up costs, running and maintenance costs, cost-benefits, and even break-even & projections as applicable.

    Enable the Solution- The technology that needs to power the solution from simple systems development to an intelligent, optimal and innovative solution.

    Implement the Solution- Stating that this is crucial would be an understatement, as implementing and making the solution work and deliver is the ultimate objective for any solution set developed for the client. We achieve this through our immaculate project management strategy.

    Manage of the solution- We take care of all your concerns by managing the solution on an ongoing basis. Fulfill the achievement of objective- We accomplish the objective of maximizing "return on resources" through Business Process Transformation. We travel beyond the last mile with you.


    Contract With Excellence

    The core management team at Promipro has rich qualitative and quantitative experience in the IT enabled industry at both international and national levels. Professionals, with well-established credentials and extensive domain experience, are a constant source of inspiration for all people at Promipro to strive for excellence. Participative decision making, job enrichment and employee care are ingrained in all facets of company culture. Each member of Promipro recognizes the "people" aspect of this business discipline, which inherently makes the relationship mutual, collaborative and long enduring. We believe and practice that "happy employees build happy customers". Excellence is “going beyond the required”. It could be a subtle refinement, or major improvement. Excellence is what drives your success – and ours too.

    Excellence is nothing but the sum total of our basic building blocks comprising Quality, Integrity, Reliability, Customer Success and Innovative Solutions. Our people are encouraged to do what is right, not what is convenient. We strive for value-addition in every solution – in every process, which goes into providing the solution.

    We recognize the need to listen, to understand the need of your organization. We invest our time and effort to “learn your organization”, its needs, goals, people and processes. Only then do we set forth in our pursuit to providing the right solutions for you. The key to a successful relationship truly lies in eliminating the false distinction between “core” and “non-core” processes, and instead focusing on how to make each process “core to effectiveness”.


    Quality Essence

    We believe that with quality being the topmost priority, nothing can go wrong with either the process or the delivery. Promipro customers have a right to demand quality, and we are committed to deliver. We strive for quality at all stages - planning, implementation and delivery. We understand that quality solutions begin and end with people. So quality is both recognized as well as rewarded, thereby creating a perpetual system of continual improvement. The logical result - customer success!