Web applications testing/auditing is the bouquet of practices which in return gives a robust experience eventually outcast the attacks.These timly audits warn you about leaks and loops residing in your web application which aids the attacker to compromise the web application.

We nTop Infosec Pvt. Ltd. consultant, Secure your web application as per best practice and owasp standards.we are team of experienced and vibrant people who aims at secure cyber experience.


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing are valuable tools for IT Security Program and are integral components of Threat and Vulnerability Management process.

Vulnerability Assessment helps an organization to evaluate their current security posture. Penetration Tester simulates the actions of external/internal attacker that aims to breach the security of the organization. We nTop Infosec are highly experienced in conducting VA&PT and provide support to mitigate the risks to either eliminate weaknesses or reduce the risk to acceptable level.


Network Traffic Analysis is the process of analyzing real time traffic within LAN for any malicious/Suspicious activity.

It also helps organization to monitor bandwidth usage and traffic pattern to the interface level. We at nTop Infosec are highly experienced in traffic analysis to detect any malicious/suspicious activities in LAN.


Configuration Audit is the process to manually identify mis-configuration in Servers/ Network /Security devices which can be used by attackers to compromise the system.

nTop Infosec Pvt. Ltd. helps to identify default or mis-configuration of Servers, Routers, Firewalls, UTM, IDS/IPS etc. and provide support for secure configuration of networked systems.


Information security, generally shortened to nTop Infosec, is that the follow of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information It could be a general term which will be used no matter the shape the information.Sometimes observed as laptop security, information technology security (IT security) is data security applied to technology (most usually some style of laptop system). it's worthy to noticethat a laptop doesn't essentially mean a home desktop. A laptop is any device with a processor and a few memory. Such devices will vary from non-networked standalone devices as straightforward as calculators, to networked mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

IT security specialists area unit nearly always found in any major enterprise/establishment because of the character and price of the information at intervals larger businesses. they're accountable for keeping all of the technology at intervals the corporate secure from malicious cyber attacks that usually plan to breach into crucial non-public data or gain management of the inner systems.Information security threats are available many alternative forms. a number of the foremost common threats these days area unit computer code attacks, thieving of property, fraud, thieving of apparatus or data, sabotage, and dataextortion. most of the people have knowledgeable about computer code attacks of some kind. Viruses, worms, phishing attacks, and Trojan horses area unit some common samples of computer code attacks. The thieving of property has conjointly been an intensive issue for several businesses within the IT field. fraud is that the plan toact as some other person typically to get that person's personal data or to require advantage of their access to important data. thieving of apparatus or data is turning into additional rife these days because of the actual factthat almost all devices these days area unit mobile cell phones area unit susceptible to thieving and have conjointly become much more fascinating because the quantity of knowledge capability will increase. Sabotage typically consists of the destruction of Associate in Nursing organization′s web site in a shot to cause loss of confidence on the a part of its customers. data extortion consists of thieving of a company′s property or data as a shotto receive a payment in exchange for returning the data or property back to its owner, like ransom ware. There area unitmany ways to assist shield yourself from a number of these attacks however one amongst the foremost usefulprecautions is user carefulness.