Promipro helps organizations to develop their security policies to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability and will also stand up to regulatory and compliance audits.

We also help organization to plan the goals of Information Security Program and the process to achieve the goals.


Gap Analysis is the process to identify the gaps between company’s current state and the future state. Gap analysis seeks to answer the questions.

  • 1. where are we? (Current State)
  • 2. where we want to be? (Future State)

Promipro Global Pvt. Ltd. consultants are highly experienced in Gap Analysis with regards to ISO, PCI DSS, ITIL etc. Standards and help the organization to identify Gaps by analyzing current situation and standard’s requirement. Consultant will also suggest recommendation to bridge the identified gap.


Risk Assessment is the process to identify risks with business processes/assets of the organization and also defines importance of risk. High risk processes/assets are most valuable assets for the organization and medium risk represents moderate value for the organization.

Promipro Global Pvt. Ltd. consultants will help organizations to identify critical process/assets and risks involved with those processes/assets as risk assessment is the key step in risk management which involves evaluating each risk and then giving them priorities. Promipro Global Pvt. Ltd. consultants will also provide support to mitigate the risk to acceptable level or reduce the probability of threat to become true by implementing countermeasures.


Promipro Global Pvt. Ltd. consultants are experienced in providing guidance on planning and decision making processes associated with ISO 27001 implementation.

ISO 27001 implementation in organization provides multiple benefits to the company as it enables enterprises to benchmark against competitors, enable ability to efficiently handle confidential customer data, strengthen the levels of trust between company and customers and also enable management to demonstrate due diligence.